A swimming pool is an all-time favourite place to spend time during the summer. Like most other types of construction projects, swimming pool design has changed over the years. We can all remember the common sight of seeing simple rectangular blue swimming pools. But nowadays, we can see far more creative designs of swimming pools. People add more functionality to their pools to make them be the more luxurious places. Here we have some ideas of trendy pool designs for you.

Before finding out what pools are in trend currently, remember that the most appealing pools are those with crystal clear water. Having clear water makes you want to dive into the pool every time you see it. Pool owners should clean their pools regularly and can get swimming pool filters and Ogna pool pumps to help them maintain their pools.


Glass Tiled Swimming Pools

The luxurious look of glass tiles has made them become a popular choice for decorating swimming pools this year. When glass reflects water, it creates a sophisticated and shiny effect. You can use them for the entire pool or just for certain parts. Not only is it their luxurious appearance that makes glass tiles feature at the top of this list, but also they are more durable than other types of tiles such as porcelain and ceramic.


Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

Transform your home pool to a five star hotel pool with an infinity edge pool. An infinity edge is where the water appears to meet the sky. Appearing like glass, the water in these types of pool flows boundlessly and creates a luxurious flat look. You will feel like you are swimming in the sky. This type of pool normally has a hidden slot underneath the pool which brings the overflowing water back in to the pool.


Tanning Ledges

Many hotels have started to add a shallow space or have modern designed tanning ledges within the pool. Tanning ledges aka Baja shelves are a great choice for chilling out and relaxing in the pool. They are also a perfect pool party spot.


Coloured Swimming Pools

We usually see swimming pools in shades of blue right? But this year you will start seeing a variety of pool colours. Some hotels are introducing coloured pools as a unique selling point. Change your old lights to coloured LED lights such as red or green to change the mood and style of your swimming pool.


Heated and Cooled Pools

Most people hesitate to have a pool at home because they can only be used in the summer. However, from this year on, you do not have to wait until the summer to enjoy swimming in the pool. With temperature pumps, you can have a cooling and heating system which adjusts the water temperature.


Classic Roman Baths

The Roman style is never out of fashion. Travertine stone pools like old roman baths are in trend now. This type of stone lasts for a long time and always looks luxurious and is classically beautiful to look at.


Pools with Living Spaces

A swimming pool is the perfect place to hang out. Add a living space, an outdoor kitchen and entertainment to create a place for sunbathing, weekend relaxation or pool parties. You can add a fireplace nearby or have warm lighting to turn it into a cosy area.