Sales and marketing are the heart and soul of all businesses, as a business cannot survive if it does not have a healthy stream of clients buying goods and services each and every month. A business cannot make sales if it does not market itself to the rest of the world and announce that it exists and is ready to play ball. Marketing cannot work without having promotional products that will excite and placate customers and potential clients, making them feel exclusive, special and appreciated. This will definitely lead to a positive cycle of more customers who also want to feel special. When dealing with promotional products like banners, it is important to be aware of current trends, so as to not fall behind the rest of the field.

The following are the latest trends in promotional products, from printed marquees, expo displays to selfie sticks:

  • The retail trend

Promotional products are being designed and manufactured to look, feel and resemble popular retail brand items that people are accustomed to using in their everyday lives. This means that office supplies from popular brand names have powerful imitations that have been branded with the name and the design logo of a company that wants to promote itself but does not want to interfere with the routines of its potential client. If you are used to holding a certain pen the same way for fifteen years, then you would not really enjoy a new branded pen that did not feel the same way. It would be uncomfortable and would distract your mind from the important tasks at hand. The good news is that you do not have to anymore. The next promotional product you encounter will look and feel exactly the same as the type of pen that you have used for the last fifteen years.

  • The selfie stick

No business can afford to ignore the selfie stick phenomenon that has hit the human race and is determined to stay with us for as long as we shall use smartphones. Since this is the current pop culture hit phenomenon, it would be wise to have a bunch of these selfie sticks with your logo on them. Handing them out as gifts to esteemed customers and potential clients will definitely make your company look good, capturing the attention of many customers in the process with free advertisement.

  • A focus on health and wellness promotional products

It is also important to note that there has been a huge shift to producing promotional products focusing on the health and wellness of potential clients and customers. These products run the gamut from shaker bottles to snack holders, all creatively and conspicuously branded with the logos and brand names of companies wishing to promote themselves.

  • Eye catching designs

Promotional bags and drink ware are also undergoing a major revolution in branding. You will now be able to spot pattern accents that are bold and different from previous years, where the front and side of the bags were the best place to place promotional messages. This has now changed with promotion taking place on the sides of the bags.