So you’re considering holding your own event huh? Well whether it’s a glitzy and glamorous industry only event in which you try to network, charm and altogether schmooze on some of the industry’s biggest names while at the same time, introducing who your company are and what you do, or whether it’s a more B2C event that is aimed at new customers and clients from within the general public and usually within the local area of the event. However, hosting any kind of large gathering or event is a difficult thing to pull off practically speaking and the unwary or inexperienced may find them in a slight pickle if not considered properly.

After all when you think about it objectively it’s actually a fairly large scale operation with most events catering for around 100 people or so ant any given time and obviously anything on this sort of scale is going to involve a lot of planning, coordination and most importantly of all, clear communication on the ideas and goals of the events that you will need to make every staff member on the day aware of that. But what kind of thing’s can you do to cut out done of the stress on the day itself? Well let’s take a look at a few tips from the professionals to see how we can do that.

Audio and visual

Hiring a trusted event staff company such as First Class Crew can help you run an event smoothly. A company like this has audio visual technician and equipment ready in hand to support your event, so you do not have to worry about this and have time to focus on other things that are more important.

Furniture considerations

Now it’s very important that throughout the invitation and marketing campaign that you have in the run-up to the event itself, it’s vital that you either get your guests to fill in a paper or online RSVP to confirm their attendance on the day, or you simply make them register for free tickets. There are many reasons for this but the main one is so that you are able to actually predict with some degree of accuracy how many people at a maximum will be attending your event and how this will impact the plans and arrangements you have had made for the furniture. After all your guests will need somewhere to sit if your event has any kind of speaking portion to it.

It’s important that you first of all liaise with the company assisting you with the hire of additional furniture to help you relive the pressure on your chosen venue but you then also have to think about late arrivals and unexpected visitors and guests, obviously you don’t realistically want to be turning away a single soul and you won’t really have to provided that you use your brain and order around 10 more extra seats in order to manage any overflow that you may have that would otherwise be left to hang on, awkwardly hanging around the back of the hall, jealously looking at more fortunate people who got there early enough to get a seat.

Promotional staff

At the end of the day, your staff is great. They will most likely be the people that end up coordinating and pitching in their hard work more than anybody else on the day itself and really, their knowledge and expertise will also not only help you prepare the event and materials for the day, but will actually help you turn those slightly interested attendees into fully fledged customers with a little patience and perseverance on your end. However, if your staff is not particularly sales or marketing orientated, then you may need to get some outside help in order to effectively promote and see both your company and also the products or services you offer, and wheat we are talking about is obviously professional promotional staff.

These staff are generally well trained and highly experienced sales and marketing staff who are chosen for their unique abilities to hold somebodies attention and guide them through the products they are promoting. And while they might not have any products or industry knowledge in the same way your own staff do, they are also hired on the basis that they can learn and adapt quickly to any kind of products they may find themselves promoting.  After all, you are paying these guys, in essence, to become not just marketing tools, but really they are taking the place of brand ambassadors and spokes people and it’s important to explain exactly what you want and what you are looking for with the agency directly as so they can best suit your specific companies needs.