When you’re a child, there is nothing more exciting to think about than your birthday, the presents, the food, the show of love and affection and more importantly, the party with your friends where you can run have fun with your family and friends, But when you’re an adult, it’s easy to forget how this feels and what you would’ve liked when you were young, apart from asking your child what they would like to do for their party, here are a few helpful pointers and suggestions to make the planning of your party a breeze.


Its important to remember that kids have a very different palate to adults and the things that they WANT to eat as opposed to what YOU want them to eat are completely different. While I wouldn’t suggest serving pure junk food, this is supposed to be fun time for kids and how fun are celery sticks? Serve familiar snacks like pizza slices and sausage rolls, but throw in a few wildcards, such as kids sushi and fresh fruit to provide a slightly healthy balance.




When it comes to entertainment for the day, there are so many options to choose from, finding out what would be most fun for them can be confusing, there are clowns, animal shows, magicians and inflatable hire among other things. One of the more popular options recently has been portable photobooths, these quirky and unique additions will add a level of whimsy to your party, normally coming with a selection of fun props and wigs, they also give your guests a fun souvenir of the day to take home and remind them of the great time they had. Please visit Charlie Sparx, a party hire specialist, for more information regarding photobooth hire.


The setting that your party is going to be hosted is something you have to take into consideration. For example, if you are going to be hosting at your homes garden it can give a very homely and unified feel to the kids. However you must ensure that your garden is appropriately cleaned of any trash and garden waste and cleared of any tools and clutter that could potentially hurt the kids. Anything that could potentially be dangerous must be hidden and packed away in a place away from where the celebration is happening. While hosting at your home may be substantially cheaper than hiring a venue, do bear in mind that afterward you will have to invest either the time in cleaning up your house after or the expense of hiring somebody else to do it for you. Really this question ultimately comes down to budget, time factors and what your child actually wants to do, a good alternate, free, outdoor venue with a similar feeling would be a local park or playing field and actually offers more space at the sacrifice of privacy.