Now you may have some kind of impression of private eyes as universally old school and often being portrayed as the underdogs when it comes to technological investigation, this is thanks to the way they are portrayed in TV shows and in movies.

Now while it has to be said that they are not as well equipped or well-funded as their counterparts in the police but that doesn’t mean that the only things they have in their armory are beaten up sedans and polystyrene cups of coffee so let’s have a look at some of the more outlandish gadgets used by investigators.

Long range microphones

It may sound like the kind of thing that would belong to Batman, but these super powerful, long distance microphones allow you to listen in on sound s and conversations from a safe, secure and hidden position a substantial distance from the source of the sound.

It’s a very handy tool that investigators use to listen into what their subjects are talking about without the risk of them becoming aware of their presence, which could compromise the information gained.  They come in various shapes sizes and most importantly, in greater variations in power allowing them to be used at increasing distances.


Video capture monocular

These are the next stage in recording subjects going about their day to day business, is to capture reliable and high quality video evidence of the subject in question. These monocular’s are a serious step up from your ubiquitous and interchangeable binoculars or video camera and they combine the two to create something that you would more expect to be commissioned and used by special forces soldiers.

However these bits of kit can be extremely expensive and depending on what optional extras you want to have included in your model, some are extremely high definition and give very high quality video footage, while others have the ability to film in the night by using thermal or night vision technology in the lenses.

Pen Recorders

For those times when whipping out a pirate style telescopic camera or a regular tape recorder would be far too risky in  terms of the compromising the investigation by being spotted, many investigators turn to hidden and smaller recording devices to get  what they need done.

You can potentially have a conversation with the subject and while you appear to be taking notes you are actually recording the conversation in its entirety, adding further weight to the evidence when its submitted in court as evidence.

Thanks fdor taking the time out of your day to read this article, hopefully now you have a better understanding on the klinds of tools that P.I’s use.

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