First car owner? Looking to take good care of your precious vehicle? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will share with you tips as to how to clean take care of your car properly, ensuring that your car will be on its best performance at all time.

Clean both the interior and the exterior

Cleaning the exterior of the car is a no brainer. Your car’s appearance reflects your personality. People will assume that you are a neat person if your car looks sparkling clean. However, remember that you should keep your interior clean as well. If the interior of the car is not kept clean, it can easily stain your seats and eventually fill your whole car with hard to eliminate odour.


Change your engine oil

Change your engine oil regularly. Depending on your car model, most brands needs to have their engine oil changed every 5000 to 7000 miles. Use a reliable brand too. Don’t be shy to get it changed at a workshop as changing it yourself may cause yourself a mess and if you do it wrongly, it may damage the car. Changing the engine oil is important to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. If you don’t change it, it will eventually damage your engine and to get it fix will cost you thousands of dollars.

Change your engine oil

Replace your brake pads

Brake pads concern your own safety. You don’t want to damage your car too right. Your brake pads need to be changed every 25000 miles or depending on how soon your brakes wear down. Get it changed as it really concerns your safety if you’re driving in a car with unchanged brake pads.


Antifreeze & coolant

Antifreeze and coolant are important for your car as well. Make sure to get it filled. It will keep your engine’s temperature in the right range. Antifreeze and coolant will keep the engine from overheating. If it overheats and requires repair, it will be so much more expensive than getting it filled with antifreeze and coolant in the first place.


Clean bird droppings as soon as possible

Bird droppings don’t look as innocent as they are. They are very acidic and can damage your car’s paint and damage your car’s exterior shell. Clean it off as soon as you notice a bird dropping on your car. Not doing so will damage your car’s exterior shell and in order to get it fixed you will need to get a new paint job for your vehicle. A new paint job is not cheap and can easily cost over thousands of dollars.

If you would like extra protection for your paint, do get your car protected with a reliable car paint protection workshop. A car paint protection will serve as an additional layer on top of your car paint to make sure that your paint is not damaged by the surroundings. It will also prevent blemishes and stains on your vehicle.

Now that you’ve understand the importance and steps of taking care of your car, it isn’t as easy as you think to take care of your car right?