Music is never out of fashion. Whether you are good at singing and playing instruments or not, you can always play music. It is supposed to be fun!


Starting a band can make your college life more interesting. Those people who play instruments and are passionate about music may dream about being in a band. Here are some ways to make your dream come true.

Find Members

A band cannot be complete if you are just playing music alone. You have to find members to help create better music. Choose talented members that have a passion for music. You can definitely find people who can play and love to play instruments at college or university. Many popular bands such as Coldplay also started in university. Join a music club to make connections. You will then meet people who are also in love with music like you. You can display flyers or posters on the college noticeboards or promote it on the internet by posting on a Facebook page. Ask your friends if they know someone who wants to start a band.


When it comes to choosing members, do not just choose anyone that comes to you. Be smart and choose someone that you are comfortable being with because you will have to spend a lot of time practicing with them. A dominant person who cannot adapt to other members can become annoying.


Choose a Band Name

Have a discussion with your band members and choose any name that you feel reflects the image of your band. Make sure everyone is happy with it. Some people focus too much on the name. Remember that you are playing music not presenting a name. Focusing on practice is a better way to spend your time. Many bands just have any name and then change it later on.


Find a Practice Room

If you do not want to wake up your family or annoy your neighbours, find a practice room. It may be hard and expensive to rent a soundproofed room complete with acoustic foam sheets to practice in. You can make a DIY soundproof practice room by buying foam sheets from ACT Foam and attaching them to the walls of your room.


Practice to Become Good

A band requires unity. Members have their own music playing styles and you will need more practice at the beginning to make sure everything goes smoothly. Practice makes perfect so continue to learn and develop as a means to improve your skills.

Try not to stick with a particular genre. Do not limit yourself by only playing one type but try out lots of different kinds of music. You may be good at a certain genre that you have never even thought about playing before.


Write a Song

If you do not want to end up playing music in a restaurant or at a wedding, keep improving your band and try to create your own music. Do not be afraid, you will learn plenty more from doing so. Find inspiration from surroundings to come up with lyrics or just randomly play any melody that pops into your mind.


Go Online

Many artists and bands started from having videos online such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen or Susan Boyle. Record a video and put it online. This is the cheapest way to promote your band.

Moreover, you can see your performances and improve by seeing your mistakes. You can also go back and look at how much you have been improving by watching your old videos.


Have a Show

Hold a small concert in your local area. Rent a small room nearby and gather some people to watch you playing live. Find an opportunity to play on stage to help you deal with stage fright and nerves.