Interior design trends are changing every day. People decorate their houses a lot differently now when compared to the last 10 years. Workspaces also need to change! They need developing so they can be more useful, inspiring, and beneficial to employees.


Renovate Workplace


The workplace is where employees spend most of their time (even more than at home!) so it is very important to have an employee-friendly office or an office that is comfortable to work in all day long.

Office design has changed over time. Currently, the trends focus on having an ‘open space’ replacing old office cubicles with an open co-working area. Office furniture has also changed and become more usable like Mark Perry office furniture. Let’s see which direction the trends are going.


Promote Common Area

Instead of working in a square box room, companies are more likely to have an office with an open working space where employees can work together. It is like a co-working space where people from different departments can work together in the same area.

Executive offices, whether they’re small and tucked away in a corner or so big that they are more like football fields are also changing. Proper office furniture will allow for more flexibility and movement. They will not only work in their office but can also walk around giving advice to employees. 


Multipurpose Workspaces

Rather than having boring office cubicles, replace them with non-assigned seats and tables. Adjustable or customizable office furniture can be fit for many purposes. Employees no longer need to sit in a cube seeing only a computer and walls. In this way the office will become more open.


Bigger Kitchen

Normally, the office kitchen is just a small corner in your office, right? The kitchen is starting to have a more important role. It is where employees can have a coffee break and some chit-chat with co-workers. It can promote the sharing of work ideas and make employees feel more relaxed.


Add New Technology

A lot of office furniture includes technology within their designs such as USB ports, USB charging ports or power outlets. This way it is easier for users to connect up and charge their devices. In the future, there will definitely be more technology-friendly office furniture which will bring more convenience. Mark Perry office furniture provides various functional office tables that match the 2016 office trends.


Health and Wellness Corner

The health trend is unstoppable! Good health is the main concern for most people. Companies have to make sure that employees are healthy both physically and mentally because good health promotes good work.

More and more companies are adding gyms, climbing walls or yoga classes in their offices to promote exercising to employees. Employees can have a midday climb or a short walk on their breaks.