Whether your business is big or small, creating new customers is a common goal. Realistically, outside of word of mouth recommendations most exposure of your brand will come through advertising in all its forms. One way in which many companies increase their advertising is through handing out free items which are branded with their logo and potentially other details. These can prove to be very valuable marketing tools and businesses which are not utilising them are missing a trick. In fact they are not only useful for encouraging new customers but also at consolidating relationships with existing ones. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why they are of such benefit.

Boost Brand Awareness

The main aim of your promotional products is to get people to notice and remember you – and obviously for the right reasons. Hopefully this can make you more likely to gain people as customers rather than going elsewhere due to awareness and familiarity. Your company logo should be easily noticeable on the products you use and this will force your brand home further into people’s minds.Creates a Positive Impression

Creates a Positive Impression

They say nothing in life is free. Well these promotional products will be free for the people you are handing them out to. You are immediately putting yourself into somebody’s good books by giving them a free gift so your company’s image instantly grows in their eyes. This free gift is then a constant reminder to the recipient of who your business is and its logo and even products.

Long Term Advertising

If you select the right products people will continue to use your promotional items for a considerable period of time. Products such as pens and bags or other highly useful and regularly used items, when branded, will continue to do your advertising for you. In fact products such as bags or T shirts etc. will then become mobile adverts for you as the individual walks around displaying your brand to yet further people.

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Low Cost Advertising

Unlike an online marketing campaign, printed advertising or the other forms of media which are available, promotional item advertising is very cheap in comparison. Clearly anything which can drive future business for a small outlay will be something worth considering. Handing out physical items also means that your adverts won’t go unnoticed as can be the case in other forms of advertising.

Variety of Products

It is quite simple now to source a vast array of items to be used as promotional products. This means that there is bound to be something which suits your business. For the same reasoning there are likely to be some more unusual items you could explore to stand out from the crowd. You can communicate something about your company’s image through the gifts which you choose to give out so take this into consideration and make the most of the opportunity.