Handing out freebies has always been one of the most successful way of ensuring that products get into the hands of the public. People always say that nothing in life is free so when things actually are people are very happy to receive them. Items which people might otherwise ignore become immediately more appealing when people do not have to pay anything for them. This is one of the reasons why promotional products are so successful. Through little expense a business can get their brand into people’s everyday lives by handing out items such as pens which have the company brand printed on them.


Obviously one of the biggest bonuses of promo products is that you are handing out free advertising. Through corporate branding printed on the items you can boost people’s awareness of your company and thus look to expand your customer base. These items will then get used or seen by other people and this advertising will continue even further.

Long Lasting

Usually the sort of products which are given out will be capable of lasting for a long time. Whilst people sometimes make use of consumable and edible items, on the whole they tend to be physical objects. Given that they are handed out for free and often very practical, people often tend to keep hold of them for a long time. This allows your advertising to carry on in people’s minds for years to come and therefore potentially be seen by more people.



fun advertising

Promotional products don’t always have to be functional and sensible. You can have a lot of fun with them and select more comedic products. These items can either be used to support your brand image or to move away from it entirely. Sometimes the more amusing products will stand out in people’s memories and this will help your brand find greater exposure.


One of the biggest reasons why promotional products have been used so widely is that they are generally quite inexpensive. Companies specialise in mass producing appropriate products which can be used to advertise your brand. Through little expense you will be able to acquire large quantities of products and this will obviously allow you to reach more people.


Unlike media or printed advertising a physical item will usually be more memorable. Even if the promotional item is put aside and left unused the chances are that your brand will have made a bigger impression on the recipient than if they had read another advert. Just having been given something for free immediately makes something more easy to remember and more warmly received.

3D Printed

These promotional products can even be printed out either in house or through 3d printing services. Doing this will keep the production costs reduced and if you are a 3D printing company or utilise any of the associated technology then printing items out will be a means of demonstrating your capabilities.