Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

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If you have never heard of permanent makeup before then it is basically a tattoo that gives the impression of wearing makeup. There are many reasons why people choose to have it done. Some people simply want to save the time that the daily regime of applying cosmetics takes up. Others have allergies or impairments which make the application of makeup troublesome and so it is a way to make their life easier or allow people to do so when they could not normally. It is applied by injecting a pigment into the skin through a needle and usually it will need repeat visits to finish it off. It can sting a bit when it is done but it is not too unpleasant. It will take a few weeks to heal up but once it has done so all manner of different makeup effects can be done such as eyebrows and lips. If you want to learn more about permanent makeup or you are already considering having it done, then take the time beforehand to understand more about the pros and cons of having it done.


MakeupAs already touched on before one of the big advantages of having permanent makeup done is that it can save people a lot of time. It can often be done solely for this reason. When people have to repeatedly apply their cosmetics before work and then remove it afterwards the time adds up and some people simply don’t want to sacrifice this time. Due to the fact it is permanent it obviously won’t smudge or fade during the day and it will be waterproof too. This means that it can be helpful for people who work in hot climates or are around water. They can go through their day without the worry that they need to check their makeup.

Beyond the ability to save time and the added practicality it provides, permanent makeup is very beneficial to people who struggle to apply it normally due to a physical impairment such as arthritis or MS. Just because someone is not physically able to put their makeup on should not mean that they have to go without it and having to do so can make people feel very self-conscious. By having permanent cosmetics such people can solve this problem. This can be required for people with poor eyesight also.

markupPeople who have suffered an injury or have had to have surgery can sometimes avail of permanent makeup. It can be used to hide scars or alter discolouration of the skin. Sometimes people can lose their hair when having treatment and their eyebrows might not grow back properly so these can be replaced. There are many reasons why permanent makeup is beneficial to many but let’s just check what things you should consider before having it done.


One thing to be aware of is that some people can have an allergic reaction to the treatment. Whilst this is fairly uncommon it should still be duly noted. You should make sure that the place you go to receive permanent makeup by tattooing is hygienic and following the correct practices to avoid causing any infections. Something else to consider is that it is, as the name suggests, permanent. This needs to be taken into account because you need to think about whether you will want those eyebrows to look the same way in 20 years’ time. Tastes and fashions change so be sure that you are going to be happy to look the same for years to come. It is possible to have tattoos removed by lasers but these can sometimes leave scarring so be sure you want to have it done before you do.




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