On the day of your wedding itself, while we would like to think that there are more elements to it, the main point of focus will be on the bride and how she looks on what is supposed to be her special day.

The buildup, cultural and sometimes religious importance that is associated with the occasion and so many personal and meaningful moments that will occur can sometimes cause the mind to forget that looking fantastic at all times on your wedding day itself requires a portion of your attention to ensure the day progresses smoothly.

Hopefully this guide will help you to organize, strategize and ultimately execute the look that you have dreamed about for so long into reality. Here are a few of the top tips we have with regards to looking great on your wedding day

The dress

Now the thing that you will be waiting for is for us to talk about your dress. However, it’s probably unnecessary to go over petty issues of design as chances are you have a concrete idea of what you want cemented in your mind so rather than interfere with that image, instead take some inspiration from these beautiful and unique wedding dresses in Bunbury and Albany.






An important thing to arrange is your make-up artist who will be making sure that your make-up complements the all-important dress you have chosen and most likely spent a fortune on. With the sheer amount of weddings that happens every single day, you need to move quickly as the chances are other people are considering them for their day.

So you need to have some examples of topics to discuss in order to ensure that your consultation runs as smoothly as possible to ensure that you can ensure your booking is secure. This would also be the time to discuss the details of your essential trial run and whether they are willing to provide this? Make-up artists as a rule of thumb get booked up at short notice so it’s important you sit down ASAP to gauge whether they are the one for you.

You will want to brooch the subject of your veil and Tara if you are opting for these traditional garments and how they will tie into your overall look? If you have sensitive skin, are they willing to apply your products or can they provide a different solution? And what brands of makeup are they planning on using?

These questions can help you put together an educated opinion on whether you are getting good value for money.  If and should you move forward with this particular artist, they will also know exactly where they stand and also what is expected of them.

Your Look

At some time before this you will have had the consultation meeting with your chosen artist about exactly what you want on the day itself and that of course is completely up to you. Ideally you would’ve had a trial run with them to straighten out any concerns and uncertainty’s you had regarding your hair and makeup.

In either case you will want ensure that your beauty professional is aware not only  of exactly what kind of look you are looking to achieve but also a timeline of the day as to ensure that she can arrive in time and also that she can factor in everything so you are looking your best at all times. Check this link out if you need assistance with your bridal makeup.


Trial run

It’s important that you also lock in your trial run that will come with most makeup artist’s service and ensure that you and then you can try everything that you currently have in unison. Ensure that you run over what you want on the day, and once they are finished be sure to run through any changes you’d like to make and make sure they are aware of your scheduled on the day to ensure that your day goes smoothly then this is extremely important to clear up with them. A lot of people like to take a few commemorative and personal selfies either to share on social media or as a nice keepsake for family members to enjoy in the run up and after the wedding to comment on how fast everything has moved since then.