The Front door of your home is like a first impression. It can represent the style of you and your house by a single glance. You can choose to have an outstanding door for your home to shine out among your neighbourhood. Visitors will be able to recognize your home easily when they come to see you. That is why homeowners have started to change their entry doors to make them more appealing. Let’s see which doors homeowners tend to choose nowadays.


Be Contemporary

The trend of contemporary design for doors is rising. A large number of people tend to have ‘square sticking’ doors which look modern and clean. They provide a transition between glass and wood and create just minimal detailing which keeps them simple.

Another way to have a contemporary design is to have a tall door up to the ceiling. Many homeowners choose to have bigger doors and contrast them with glass at the sides or inside.


More Secure

Our home should be the safest place for us to stay in. Every homeowner knows that the first thing to concern themselves with about their home is safety. Nobody wants a stranger inside their home. Like before, this year’s trends also focus on security with security screen door products. Security screen doors include marine-grade fine stainless steel mesh to make the glass stronger while you can keep the light and view from outside. Down Under Screens are specialists in security screen doors who are ready to give advice to every homeowner.


Bigger n Bigger

Before, we might have had a French double door to create a bigger entrance to our home. This year it is shifting towards bigger doors that are taller. Oversized entry doors make your entrance more outstanding and make your home look bigger.


Contemporary-Decoration Door-Trends-for-2016








Bold Colours

Wood with fiberglass doors are out. Classic, plain wooden doors are more attractive and they give a contemporary style. Besides having a contemporary style, some homeowners want to be chic and playful with colourful entry doors. Vibrant yellow, deep red and cobalt blue are gaining popularity amongst homeowners. This year you can be cute with the colours of the year: rose quartz or serenity.


Bring In the Light

Homeowners are trying to bring more natural light into their homes as much as possible. It can be done by installing a huge glass door at the front of the house or changing the windows to glass.

The idea behind adding more natural light to the house is not only for style but also for energy saving and creating the illusion of bigger rooms.