New Zealand is listed as one of the most popular tourist destinations by many travellers year after year. And it’s completely understandable! With its combination of astounding natural spectacles, temperate climate and lack of pollution it continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors. New Zealand though also provides lots of exciting ways you for you to interact with the natural beauty of the place. If you are looking for a few ideas of things to try out whilst you are in New Zealand consider a few of the following. The country has a reputation for adventurous activities to take part in and there’s plenty to choose from so see what takes your fancy.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee JumpingNew Zealand is famous for its spectacular bungee jumps. If you haven’t been before then why not? They’re almost compulsory. There are numerous spots dotted across the country where you can jump off bridges above rivers and even harbours. Two of the best known ones are in Queenstown at Kawarau Bridge and the 134 metre drop mother of all bungee jumps at Nevis.

Climb Auckland Bridge

Still got a head for heights but don’t fancy the shock of a doing a bungee then you could try scaling Auckland Bridge. Okay I tell a lie you can bungee jump off the top of this too but it’s not compulsory! The climb will take about an hour and a half to reach a height of 67 metres above the Waitemata Harbour. You will be greeted by spectacular views and it is one of the finest ways to view the city of Auckland.


Okay no bungees this time I promise. I don’t think it would be safe in caves anyway. But if exploring underground gets you excited then you must visit the famous Ruakuri Cave in Waitomo. The enormous caverns combined with tight abseiling down thin vertical holes are as exhilarating as they are fascinating. Whether you come for the thrill or the marvel you certainly won’t be disappointed and the famous glow worms are a sight that must be seen as they light up the caves roofs and walls like stars in the sky.

Mountain Biking

Mountain BikingIt doesn’t matter what level you are there is bound to be somewhere near to where you are staying which provides exciting bike trails. You can go for a calm ride around taking in the scenery or make use of the steep climbs and wild terrain and do some downhill courses at breakneck speeds. New Zealand boasts some of the most spectacular bike trails in the world and cycling is such a great way to experience the natural environment. Alternatively, there are plenty of wine cycling tours around the vineyards so if this is more appealing to you then you should try the North Island particularly.


Fishing. If you come to New Zealand and don’t go fishing you must either have a fear of the sea or just be crazy. New Zealand is world renowned for its quality of fishing and the range of options available are extraordinary. You can go all action game fishing for giant marlins or have a more sedate day river fishing. Whatever it is that you prefer or just want to try New Zealand is sure to have it on offer. New Zealand has warmer waters than areas around the South Island. The warmer temperature means that some of the world’s largest fish are available to catch in the region and you certainly won’t be struggling to get a bite.