Gaining employment within the construction industry requires the right person to be applying for the job.  Now, employers say this about almost every job and arguably it is true, most of us could do a wide variety of jobs with no real problem, however there are some jobs that we are far more suited to than others and of course if we are better at some jobs than others, it stands to reason that someone might be better at a job than we are.  This being said, there are definitely some key facets that construction managers look for in their staff and having these skills and traits will not only ensure you can have a construction resume that stands out, it also might mean you have a good career in front of you.

construction worker

Coordination and good general physical fitness

Given the physically demanding nature of construction, it stands to reason that employers are going to want healthy and generally fit individuals to ensure that the work gets done quickly and safely whilst keeping work related sickness days to a minimum.

Maths, literacy and communication skills

There is a surprising amount of basic mathematics that are used by construction works regularly for ensuring the correct mixes and construction takes place.  This goes hand in hand with literacy skills to be able to understand written instructions and safety notices, whilst being able to effectively communicate through verbal and written means will not only allow you to do your job well, it means there is plenty of room for growth.

A willingness to learn and grow

Personal growth is key part of our lives and those who deny it are often doing themselves a big disservice.  Most workplaces are constantly evolving with new ideas, procedures and regulations appearing on a regular basis, so if you are not onboard with this way of thinking then construction managers will have little interest in you.  Show you are willing to learn and grow by demonstrating the amount of training you’ve had or courses you’ve attended, it will help you shine.


Organisational and critical thinking skills

Being able to efficiently work out the best way to approach a task is an essential skill for construction workers.  The very nature of the job means that things need to be handled in a methodical and logical way, so being able to see this with ease is definitely to your benefit.  Add to this that when things don’t work out as planned, rather than being lost if you have an alternative solution then that can be worth its weight in gold.

This is by no means an exhaustive list as things like teamwork haven’t even been mentioned, but if you want to get all of your skills into a well written resume, it might be worth contacting a resume writing company such as Bluegum Resumes to really help you stand out from the crowd.