Christmas Gifts That Show You Care

Christmas Gifts That Show You Care

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So it’s approaching that time of year where the TV and internet is constantly reminding you that it’s nearly Christmas and that you really should be buying everything for everyone. The pressure that is put on people in recent years has almost killed Christmas for me. Large retail giants tell you that you should be looking after your loved ones at this time of year and trying to entice you to spend as much money as possible. That’s not what Christmas should be about though. I love giving presents to people that’s not my point, the point is what you buy for people and why. You should be looking for ideas of presents based on what the recipient is interested in or would like rather than what the shops tell you to buy. So having said this here are a few ideas of things you can buy people as gifts for Christmas which will show them that you care and that the thought really does count.


Do Buy Those Novelty Items

Whilst I have just said about not buying things because the shops encourage you to that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t impulse purchase anything. There are always vast swathes of novelty items around to buy at Christmas and a lot of them are relatively pointless or unnecessary. However, if you do see something that makes you smile and which you know will put a smile on somebody’s face then get it. Those smaller comedic items can be some of the most memorable gifts and often will be kept for years to come. Just make sure you find something which genuinely connects with the person you are buying the gift for rather than being swayed into buying something that will amount to no more than an initial snigger.

Non Physical Gifts

Not every present has to be a physical object which has been bought, wrapped and then handed to someone. Often people would rather have our time than something they got bought. Consider relatives or friends who live alone or people you have not seen in ages. Your Christmas present to them could be a meal or going on a trip somewhere together. Many people can feel quite lonely at Christmas and this sort of a gift shows that you genuinely care because you are not just giving them something but you are giving them your time. This compassion can really change someone’s day and rather than being something which they have unwrapped and put to one side it will remain as a day they can look forward to. You could even keep them in suspense and not state where you are going to go together and then find somewhere you know they would love to go and take them there.




I love to see the delight on somebody’s face when they unwrap their present and they see it is a picture of you and them or a family get together they went to earlier in the year. Photos particularly of family are priceless possessions and I have kept every photograph I have ever been bought by my friends and family. It really needn’t be expensive either. All you need to do is print a high quality photograph of your choice combined with custom picture framing. However, the value will be much more than the sum of its parts and if you select an appropriate picture you could really make someone’s day.




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