Cheap Renovation Tricks for The Bathroom

Cheap Renovation Tricks for The Bathroom

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It’s no secret that renovating your bathroom is pretty much top of the list when it comes to ways to improve your quality of living and add value to your property. However, it can cost as much as you have to spend and the overall price can potentially spiral very quickly. It is very easy to spend 4 or 5 times the amount it adds to your property and not everyone has the finances to fully renovate the room from top to bottom. But there are plenty of quick and inexpensive things you can do to add a bit of light or alter the space which can completely transform the bathroom. So if you want to make changes and improvements on the cheap then here are a few suggestions.



Many people’s bathrooms are too dark. Sometimes they are positioned in such a place that they cannot make use of regular windows or the ones which they have simply don’t allow in very much light. It can even be that you don’t have the wall space to make the installation of a new window even worth it but one easy way you can brighten up the room is to fit a skylight. When sensibly positioned they can make the room look completely different through the introduction of more sunlight.

Add Lights


Maybe windows are just not an option in your bathroom. In this case you need to make an even bigger effort to lighten up the room. Having lights positioned near to the mirror will cause the reflection to make it seem even brighter. Don’t skimp on light bulbs as just using better quality bulbs can make a considerable difference too. Maybe you like to unwind in the bath and so you should have lots of candles dotted around the bathroom.

Repaint It

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One of the simplest ways of sprucing up any room or changing the look is by repainting it. Going over an old coat will make more difference than you realise and will really tidy up the general appearance. All those unsightly stains or discolouration marks will be gone and given the size of most bathrooms and the tiling that will often cover portions of wall it shouldn’t take you very long to do. You could also change the colour to alter the bathroom style. Simply painting it a new shade with a few other complimentary colours can change the overall design considerably.


fix ground

You don’t need to replace the bath, shower, sink etc. to make everything look different. You can easily make an existing bathroom look completely different by changing the fixtures. Items such as towel racks and smart storage ideas can make the bathroom more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.

Lose The Bath


If you have a bathtub it could be wasting a lot of space. Often bathrooms are smaller than you would prefer and so finding ways to maximise the space is a necessity. By making the room appear bigger and having more floor space you will make a big difference. So be honest with yourself, how often do you use the bath? Could you replace it with a shower? Moving around all of the fittings such as the toilet and sink etc. can quickly become expensive so setting up a shower in the place where the bath already stands will be relatively cheap. Consider having a shower room with glass windows as this will help to enhance the effect of more space. With a little bit of quality window frosting applied as a film from installers such as Solar Graph Glass tinting will protect your privacy but also open up the room.



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