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Tools and Gadgets used by Private Investigators

Now you may have some kind of impression of private eyes as universally old school and often being portrayed as the underdogs when it comes to technological investigation, this is thanks to the way they are portrayed in TV shows and in movies.

Now while it has to be said that they are not as well equipped or well-funded as their counterparts in the police but that doesn’t mean that the only things they have in their armory are beaten up sedans and polystyrene cups of coffee so let’s have a look at some of the more outlandish gadgets used by investigators.

3D Printer

Trends and The Progression of 3D Printers

The world is changing every day. 3D printing has been developing and is able to produce amazing objects seemingly from thin air. It can print unique and customized products. Many industries utilise 3D printing in their business such as the medical industry, aircraft industry, manufacturing industry and within arts and education.


Different Faces of Music Production

It is often quite hard to ascertain what someone means when they use the term music producer. So and so is a music producer someone will say or ‘Him! He’s not a music producer he’s an artist, no a musician’. The term seems to get banded round almost willy nilly and actually understanding what people mean when they use the term has become at best subjective and at worst plain wrong.