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Finding A Gym That’s Best For You

Nowadays, staying fit and healthy has become a hobby for many people and quite rightly so. Nothing beats feeling great about yourself and being confident, ready to take on the day.

But in addition to simply being fit and looking good, maintaining a healthy fitness regime has many other health benefits.


Why women should take up Muay Thai

For many years, martial arts have been as primarily male dominated sport with over 85% of practitioners of these sports being men. While there are certain reasons for this, such as women being less likely to commit to a brutal regime of intensive martial arts training rather than say just going to the gym, we think that this balance needs to be readjusted. As well as being good exercise and a good way to stay fit, martial arts can sometimes be more useful to a woman than to a man, so let’s discuss some of the reasons that women should take up Muay Thai as a hobby.