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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Land & Property Surveyor?

Finding a job that you find satisfying, rewarding and pays well can be a difficult. More often than not you’ll get one or two out of the three, but very rarely all of them. Well, if you’re looking for a positive change and want to take a new direction with your career, then perhaps you should explore being a land & property surveyor? It’s a great opportunity to take part in some exciting construction projects and to test your abilities.

In this post we’re going to take a look at the qualities that you’d expect to find in a land & property surveyor. Read on to find out if you’ve got what it takes!

What is a Geomatic Land & Property Surveyor?

Simply put: a land & property surveyor measures, maps, collects, assesses, and interprets information regarding certain plots of land and properties. Typically speaking, this land will be due for construction, or where existing infrastructure is due for repairs. In addition to that, archaeologists might require a land surveyor to offer them more information on a given piece of land that they are due to dig up.

These experts use state of the art technology and an incredibly keen set of mental skills in order to gather this information. Following that, they can advise about technical matters prior to construction and provide all parties with thorough and insightful information regarding the projects.

How to Go About Pursuing Such a Career

Before we being, it’s important to point out that there are certain qualifications that will be expected. It’s not the sort of job that one can take on absent any knowledge or training in the area. Employers will be looking for candidates who have a degree in some of the following areas: geospatial sciences, Civil engineering & planning, geology, earth sciences, and geotechnology. In some cases, construction degrees will be accepted if they include the relevant modules.

Key Skills Required to be a Land & Property Surveyor

  • Numeracy: You can’t be “OK with numbers” and expect to thrive in a job like this. You’ll have to be able to make quick mathematical equations.
  • The ability to interpret data easily: Obviously, there are going to be a lot of numbers & figures flying around. If you don’t have a mind for understanding data, then you’ll struggle in this position.
  • A logical and lateral mind: You have to be able to solve problems on the spot, using sound logic and creativity.
  • Keen attention to detail: The surveys that you will be expected to complete, and report will be incredibly in depth, and requires a keen attention to detail.
  • Exceptional IT skills and aptitude with new technology: There is always new software to explore in this industry and you have to be able to adapt and evolve with the times.
  • Written & verbal communication: You will have to relay the information gathered both verbally and in written form and should be able to do so with precision.
  • Interpersonal skills: You’ll be dealing with clients face to face and must have an excellent sense of customer service and interpersonal skills in order to build strong, lasting relationships.
  • Organisation & time management are key: You can’t be disorganised in this game! It’s a busy & incredibly competitive position that requires you to be on the ball at all times.
  • Independent & cooperative: You must be able to work well on your own, absent guidance; and equally as able to thrive in a team environment.

Do you think that this is something you’d like to explore further? Well, there’s no harm in finding a reputable and established land & building surveyor company like V-Mark Survey and making an application. Or alternatively, seeking more information about what it takes! 


Things to consider when making alterations to your office

Whether you are merely looking to expand and capitalize on the space you already have in your office, looking to create even more additional space by strategically moving the walls, or even if your just feel like the office and the way it looks aesthetically no longer represents you or your company and the work you do, then maybe it’s time to consider some major overhauls of your office and consider getting it totally refitted in order to bring about that larger, fresher and newer feeling professional environment that all businesses surely crave. After all, a fresh and exciting feel to an office makes it easier to not only place staff and equipment but can also improve moral and efficiency within the office.

However, as you can probably imagine, there are so many things to consider when you are planning these major changes to your premises that many business owners don’t even know where to begin and would rather play the status quo and have no disruption to their day to day work, however if your business is to take things to the next level then growing pains are a natural and expected part of this process and they are something that you should prepare for. So let’s take a look at how you8 can lessen some of these problems before they even occur.

Turnaround, timeframe and disruption

Now as with any major works that happen to any structure, there are things that need to be drilled, pulled out, replaced and even demolished and removed in order for your premises to realize the dreams that you have for it. Unfortunately this often creates a hazardous or sometimes even major disruption issues for your business. Obviously you can expect your workers to focus while somebody is trying to smash through a dividing wall and haul out the piles of resulting plaster and wood from the floor, or for them to focus on that nest project through a thick screen of dust from destruction of said wall and the only real choice you have is to send your staff home for as long as it takes to finish off the work.

However as you can imagine this pretty much means that your company will be nonfunctional for the time that the works are going on and that does equate to lost time on projects and money on new business that you could’ve served while this is going on. However most commercial level contractors realize this and will be able to work with what you can give them in order to get the job done in as neat and tidy a timeframe as possible. Make sure that you discuss timeframe and turnover time with the various contractors who will be assisting you with this process and you should be able to get a fairly good idea of how long the work will take and how much it will cost.


Are you completely sick and tired of Jared from IT always complaining about the lack of electrical ports ion your office? Are you fed up with never being able to plug in both your PC and your phone charger in at the same time? Easy access to both electrical points and data points are extremely important in the office environment and by virtue of this you will see the spaces that have the best access to the power and internet outlets in the office are frantically snapped up the very second that they become available. Well as part of your overhaul why not arrange for a professional commercial electrician in Perth to finally solve this dilemma for you and install and move the power points and maybe even extend your electrics beyond what the currently are to support even more electrical points

These will potentially open up new spaces to put desks that were impractical before due to their distance from a power supply. They are also handy if you ever want to install new or more equipment into t6he office in which to make the staffs lives easier on the job then you can, the choices on how you use them are really down to you. Just be sure that the electricians that you choose have the correct know-how and qualifications as well as licensing necessary to work with high electrically currents competently.

Swimming Pool Design

Trends Of Swimming Pool Design

A swimming pool is an all-time favourite place to spend time during the summer. Like most other types of construction projects, swimming pool design has changed over the years. We can all remember the common sight of seeing simple rectangular blue swimming pools. But nowadays, we can see far more creative designs of swimming pools. People add more functionality to their pools to make them be the more luxurious places. Here we have some ideas of trendy pool designs for you.


Using glass in your home

While glass might be one of the most common materials encountered in any home, it is surprising to find out that not many people have ever thought of using glass for décor purposes. Interior design is growing fast and coming up with many ways of using glass in your Adelaide home in the most innovative way possible, from glass balustrade to glass countertops. As such, if you are in the mood of customizing the interior of your home, there are a few ways of doing this while using glass. The following are some examples of how this might unfold:-