My Best Friend Is Finally Getting Married!!!


My Best Friend Is Finally Getting Married!!!

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I woke up one morning with a phone call from my best friend of 8 years. She was crying over the phone and I was getting worried. Then soon, she said “Gareth finally asked me the question and I said YES!” I was literally over the moon for my best friend. She was with this guy name Gareth for almost 4 years and now she’s getting married! I couldn’t be happier for her.

Now, come to think of it, I’ve never thought that she will get married earlier than I will. Am I going to die as a single? Oh no…

Alright, back to topic. So the next day we went to check out wedding dresses. We were on our way to several bridal boutiques and when we’re at the second one, she fixated on one dress and we immediately ordered for the rental.

She also added that she engaged a wedding celebrant to make the complicated process of getting married easier. She did say that a wedding celebrant make the whole process so much easier and that she has more time to focus on more important things.

I was in fact taken aback and asked her, why? Why engage someone else to officiate your wedding instead of getting a priest or some other legal entity? It is your, YOUR big day. I went home and immediately did some research on wedding celebrant services and was astonished. I am determined to engage such a service on my own wedding day (That is, if I get married).

So here are some reasons as to why you should engage a wedding celebrant:


It is more convenient

weddingWhat do I mean by this? You still need to find a location for your wedding and basically every other ceremonial necessity other than what the wedding celebrant is doing for you but they are still covering some processes for you. This makes everything more convenient and save you precious time.


You can get married basically anywhere, ANYWHERE!

You can get married basically anywhereYou read that right! You can get married anywhere, everywhere so long as you are able to get that place booked. You don’t need to go to a boring old church to get your marriage officiated and you definitely do not need to stand in front of all your family and friends while exchanging vows and rings. With the wedding celebrant, you can basically customize your wedding the way you wanted. You want to get married by the coastline, go for it.


They get your paper work done for you

Are you the type of person that always thought that paper works are a bunch of chores that you would prefer not to do any at all? The wedding celebrant can get all of it covered for you! They will ensure that your paper works are all done and ensure that you met all the legal requirements. All you need to do is read it, sign and you’re all set! Easy!

Now, please grab me a glass of champagne while I wait for my prince in shining armor to appear in front of me.



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