Throwing junior a birthday party may be underway, perhaps even anticipated all the way from a year ago (on his/her previous birthday). Organising a birthday party for your child may not seem as straightforward as before, when times were simpler and choices more limited.

With the myriad of party suppliers and services available today, one is certainly spoilt for choice. Therefore, referring to the trends of today might be a good place to start in the planning process. After all, most kids either want what their peers have or simply want to live out their dreams – probably as Elsa for the girls.


Movie Themed

Right on top of the list is to set a theme. Get this right with your child and you will surely save tons of tears and tantrums. While minds may change, an agreement from the get-go regarding the theme can serve as a reminder for everyone involved in the planning, making the entire process less stressful.

As of late, the Frozen fever is still running high amongst the young ones and anything from fairy floss machine to Disney’s Frozen jumping castle can be spotted at one such party. Other timeless movie influenced themes like Superman, Spiderman and Cars, just to name a few, will continue to rule the trends of kids’ parties in Australia for the foreseeable future.

Photo Booth

These makeshift photo studios are catching on and popping up in more and more parties for kids. While hiring a professional, it can possibly set you back quite a bit, so understandably many are turning to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods to realise this for the children.

Simple props using toys or cut-outs from party websites that offer printable paper supplies for free are now easily accessible. Armed with a digital camera, or even a Polaroid camera, a basic and affordable photo booth is created.

Charity Gifts

With many parents greatly encouraging their children to give back in whatever little ways they can, charity gifts are becoming a commonplace. Instead of expecting presents for themselves, kids these days are beginning to request for gifts in the form of giving to a pre-selected charity. Be it money, canned-food or even clothing, children are tapping on their birthday privileges to help the less fortunate.

Bouncy Castle

file000656478184This classic structure will continue to be the centerpiece of children’s parties across the nation. The joy derived from the simple act of jumping up and down in an inflatable castle is still relished by both young and old alike up to the present day. Whatever the reason might be, bouncy castles are here to stay.

The constant demand for this thrilling PVC contraption has resulted in innumerable vendors providing it. In other words, finding one isn’t going to be difficult. However, having said that, only go for the reputable ones especially when safety is in mind.

When it comes to hiring a trusted supplier, companies who have a proven track record will definitely give parents peace of mind when a good handful of kids are bouncing up and down in that castle.