Choosing gifts for our families or friends is inevitable for most of us. When Christmas comes, it is a family time where we exchange gifts and good will with our loved ones.
When it is your children’s birthday or your close friends’ children birthday, choosing a great gift for a kid could be quite a task. Toys are the most common gifts for children, and there are thousands of different kinds of toys out there. Many toys are designed for improving children’s cognitive development and other skills and abilities including attention and concentration. Here, this list of gift ideas below hopefully will make choosing a beneficial gift easier for you.


1.    Boogie Board

A kid-friendly and environmentally friendly gift. It is great for drawing and writing. It helps to stimulate children’s creativity. Bonus is that it is a terrific school tool too.


2.    Kendama


You might think this toy is too outdated, but it is making a comeback. They will love the competition purpose of this challenging toy, and they will also get some exercise!


3.    Giant Microbes

These gifts give the meaning of fun and education. They are cute and soft. Kids can have fun while learning. They are great for kids who are interested in the medical field.


4.    Personalized Children’s Book

There are personalized children’s book that can play the children’s names. Children will be delighted when hearing their names in their favorite stories. It also helps to improve children’s cognitive development.


Chalk trail

A bike for a child is fantastic. Riding a bike is a great exercise beneficial for adults, and it is better for kids. It helps children to stay fit and healthy during the play time. What makes this toy interesting is that chalk will be left along with the trail. That enables kids to be more creative and artistic.


6.    Remote Control Car

You can find this toy in most RC shops which are a great place with a wide-range of toy selections. This toy gives your kid the opportunity to improve his or her cognitive skills by playing with the remote control car.

Remote Control Car


7.    Monster Hoodie

Why would you choose an old ordinary hoodie when you can have a monster one on the head? There are different styles and sizes available in the market. Get all family members one, and wear it when there is a family gather.


PlayStation 4

This toy is trending and one of the most popular toys at the moment. There are many games installed in it, and there are tons more on the way. It will stay on the top of the market for several years.


PlayStation 4


9.    Root Vue Farm

This toy will teach your child how plants grow, and help them realize that there are many other livings things on the planet and to appreciate them as much as possible. It is a great and educational gift for children. Your child will be delighted and surprised to see they can raise living plants with their own 2 hands.