Your headshot is on one hand, just a photograph of you in a suit or other formal wear and on the other hand it is a representation of your business persona. A good professional headshot can create a whole host of different feelings and tones. But how do you use it outside of the ubiquitous company website and social media applications? Well here are 5 ways you can use your investment in a headshot that you might not be aware with. For more assistance and information, please follow the following link to Hipshots, a professional photography studio specializing in professional headshots.


Business cards

Turn your business card into a window into your own professional persona with a clean headshot. People will be able to create a human connection with you and are more likely to engage you professionally if they feel like they can connect with you as a person. Ask your printing company about incorporating your portrait into your next batch of business cards.


Receiving a generic and faceless CV through from even the most qualified of candidates isn’t exactly the most exciting of prospects. What might cut through the fog of countless CV’s that are received is if one was more human and personable. Well including your headshot can do just that, allowing potential employers to envision you in the office, working hard for them.

Sales and Marketing materials

Making a sale is all about investing on the particular salesperson you are dealing with. And again creating that human connection and letting the customer know they are more than just a prop for you is a hard prospect if you are consulting via email and telephone. So why not include a bio section with a photograph on your first contact with the client? This can help allay the customer’s fears by associating what you are saying with your face.


Do you do any writing? Maybe you’re a blogger or a journalist, maybe you write internal articles for your company’s website. Well people have e been shown to trust somebody who’s face they have seen and can relate the information they are reading to the person who is writing it, further adding to the credibility of your article and making relaying information that resonates inside people’s heads far easier.

Email signature

When sending emails from your company it would pay to include a headshot in the same way that you include one in social media. That people are reminded of your face and who you are as a person as they talk to you while seeing your name and photograph together. This helps to create a solid impression in the mind of the person that you are engaging with, whether that’s a colleague or a client or even your manager.