For many years, martial arts have been as primarily male dominated sport with over 85% of practitioners of these sports being men. While there are certain reasons for this, such as women being less likely to commit to a brutal regime of intensive martial arts training rather than say just going to the gym, we think that this balance needs to be readjusted. As well as being good exercise and a good way to stay fit, martial arts can sometimes be more useful to a woman than to a man, so let’s discuss some of the reasons that women should take up Muay Thai as a hobby.

It keeps you fit

While practically any kinds of physical exertion will inevitably cause you to lose weight, Muay Thai is made of extremely rigorous and intensive training and lots of emphasis in both your cardio and flexibility. If you are looking for a good, all round workout that also teaches you skills that you can take home and practice then it could be for you. There are many different aspects to Muay Thai that will keep you fit and committing fully to your training regimen will give you results that conventional gyms may struggle to deliver.

It will help you manage your stress

What sounds like a healthier release of anger and tension, going home and crying into an extra-large bar of chocolate whilst watching cartoons? Or going to push your limits in an environment that not only lets your physically express yourself but actually encourages you to hit things and be aggressive? Although the first one sounds pretty good if you are looking for a healthy way to deal with your anger and manage the stresses that you feel throughout the day, then Muay Thai can do just that. One of the key components of being a good Muay Thai fighter is the ability to stay cool calm and collected throughout your time in the gym and indeed if you were to ever need to use it in the ring.

It will help you defend yourself

For too long to alot of unscrupulous cowards in the world, women have been viewed as an easy targets for crime and discrimination, often being the victims of bag snatches, muggings and worse, its vital that women know how and when to defend themselves from a potentially aggressive attacker. Muay Thai is a very effective fighting system for women and those of a smaller more slight stature, this is because rather than being based on pure strength and muscle mass alone it is actually more about being good at the techniques that the art form uses rather than the body of the individual using them.

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